Long-Term Results

Microtia: Possible Cause and Incidence

Hereditary Factors
Specific Factors

The Hearing Problem

Anatomy and Function of the Ear
The Hearing Deficiency Defined
Determining the Child's Hearing
Surgical Correction of Hearing Problem

Associated Deformities

Hearing Deficiency
Facial Deficiencies
Kidneys and Urinary Tract
Cervical (Neck) Spine
Other Associated Problems: Cleft Lip; Heart

Variations of Microtia

Psychology and Function of the Outer Ear

Age to Begin Surgical Ear Repair

Correlation with Correction of Other Facial Deficiencies

Auricular Reconstruction: Development and State of the Art

History of Auricular Reconstruction
Ear Framework "Pre-Fabrication"

Technical Considerations and Preparations

The First Surgical Stage

Initiating the Surgery
Preoperative Planning
Harvesting the Rib Cartilage
Framework Fabrication
The Skin "Pocket" Covering
Postoperative Course
Wound Care
Sleeping on the New Ear
Activities and Sports

Other Surgical Stages of the Auricular Construction

Transposition of the Earlobe
The Elevation or "Lifting" Procedure
Tragus Construction and Achieving Frontal Symmetry

Combining Surgical Stages

Bilateral (Both Ear) Microtia/Atresia

Integration of Outer- and Middle-Ear Surgery
Surgical Staging

Long-Term Results of Microtia Repair

Durability of Constructed Auricle
Psychological and Emotional Benefit
Evaluation of Result by Patients and Parents

Dr. Brent's Bio/Curriculum Vitae